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2013 NNIN REU Convocation Videos

Session C1 Clough Commons Room 152

  • Mr. Daniel Loman (UCSB), Trap Density Analysis of High Dielectric Oxides on III-V Semiconductor
  • Ms. Maike Blakely (Cornell), Characterization of Single Component Molecular Glass Resists
  • Ms. Tiffany Huang (Stanford),  Deposition of Immobilization Layers for Extremophile-Based Biosensors
  • Mr. Kristofer Chow (UCSB), MOSFET: Fabrication Process and Performance Analysis
  • Mr. Stephen March (UT Austin), Electrical and Optical Studies of Metal:Semiconductor Nanocomposities for Nanophotonics
  • Ms. Emily Donahue (Colorado), Silicon Nanophotonic Add-Drop Filters Based on High

Session C2 Clough Commons Room 102

  • Ms. Keiko Kato (PSU), Developing Bioinspired Slippery Coating on Industrial Steels
  • Mr. Brendan McMurtray (Howard), Growth of MoS2 Atomic Layers
  • Ms. Carolyn Zhang (Harvard), Fabrication of Smart Gels with Tunable Stiffness
  • Mr. Kyle Marshall (PSU), Mobile Targeted Objects Steered by Chemical Micropumps
  • Mr. Tyler Erjavec (Cornell), Area-Selective Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD): New Recipe Development
  • Mr. Michael West (WUSTL). Solid-State Pulse NMR of (CdSe)13(propylamine)13

Session C3 Clough Commons Room 152

  • Mr. Christopher Addiego (UW), Fabrication of Graphene Field Effect Transistors on Boron Nitride Substrates
  • Ms. Brandi Burton (ASU), Low-Temperature Cu Segregation and Oxidation in Microwaved Ag-Cu Alloys
  • Ms. Deanna Lanigan (WUSTL), Improving Lithium Ion Battery Performance with Dopant Substitution
  • Ms. Jaelin Quinn (Georgia Tech), Influence of Al2O3 Coating on the Annealing Behavior of Si Nanowires
  • Mr. Jeremy Leshin (WUSTL), Preparation of Transparent Conducting CuAIO2 Foils

Session C4 Clough Commons Room 102

  • Mr. Suman Gunasekaran (Minnesota), Fabrication of Nanofluidic Devices for DNA Confinement
  • Mr. Corey Landry (Harvard), Design of Synthetic Protein Membranes Using Droplet Microfluidics
  • Ms. Ayobami Adeleke (Howard), Binding of DU145 Prostate Tumor Cells on SiC
  • Mr. Dakota Crisp (UT Austin), System Automation for High Throughput Biosensor
  • Ms. Sarah Nainar (Stanford), Identifying the Biomechanical Effects of UV Resistant Molecules and Nanoparticles on Human Skin

Session C5 Clough Commons Room 152

  • Mr. Dylan Barber (Stanford), Use of Field-Induced Surface-Organometallic Interactions to Control Selectivity in Rhodium-Catalyzed Organic Reactions
  • Ms. Kris Beykirch (Cornell), Effect of Reactive Ion Etching on Laser-Annealed Low-k SiCOH Materials
  • Mr. Satoshi Anada (PSU), Si/TiO2 Core/Shell Nanowire for Gas Sensor Arrays on Si CMOS
  • Mr. Kosuke Wataya (Michigan), Radio Frequency Switches Using Phase Change Material

Session C6 Clough Commons Room 102

  • Ms. Crystal Chukwurah (Howard), Growth of Graphene on Various Substrates
  • Ms. Christine Le (WUSTL), Crumpled Graphene Oxide Nanostructures for Advanced Water Treatment Technologies
  • Ms. Michelle Chen (UCSB), Development of Platinum@Reduced Graphene Oxide Catalyst for Fuel Cell Applications
  • Ms. Anne Showalter (ASU), Micro-Scale Microbial Fuel Cell: Petroleum Biosensing

Session C7 Clough Commons Room 152

  • Ms. Meghan Kazanski (Michigan), Development of Microfluidic Devices for use in Immunophenotyping
  • Mr. Ang Li (Harvard), Curved Functionalized Microfluidic Channels for Study of Cell Dynamics
  • Ms. Seung Yeon Kim (Minnesota), Fabrication of “Barcode” Nanowires for Multiplexed Detection in Biological Assays
  • Mr. Ted Kocher (Minnesota), Effects of Cellular Architecture on MDA-MB 231 Breast Cancer Cell Motility
  • Mr. Zachary Pritchard (UCSB), Fabrication of Nano Ion Pumps for Retinal and Neural Prosthesis
  • Mr. Gabriel Lopez Marcial (Cornell), Designing a Microfluidic Device to Measure the Deformability of Cancer Cells

Session C8 Clough Commons Room 102

  • Mr. Kiwamu Nishimoto (UCSB), WSi2 Films for Superconducting Resonators
  • Mr. Andinet Desalegn (Michigan), Nanoscale High-Speed Transparent Electronics Using E-Beam Patterning of Zinc Tin Oxide Thin Film Transistors
  • Mr. Kenton McFaul (PSU), Fabricating Nanostructures to Modulate Local Potential in Graphene
  • Ms. Veronica Medrano (Howard), Growth and Characterization of Synthetic Diamond
  • Mr. Tomoyuki Inoue (ASU), Fabrication of All-Aluminum n-Type Silicon Solar Cells
  • Mr. Alexandro Rocha (UT Austin), Designing Directional Micro-Machined Microphones

Session C9 Clough Commons Room 152

  • Ms. Shelby Pursley (Georgia Tech), Electrospun Nanofibers for Regenerative Medicine
  • Mr. John Schwalbe (UW), Studying the Interfacial Dynamics of Miscible Fluids with Microfluidics
  • Mr. Justin Nauman (WUSTL), Effects of Hydrophilic Membrane Modifications and Natural Organic Matter Fouling on Reverse Osmosis Membrane Performance
  • Ms. Jacqueline Ong (Stanford), Stabilizing Fiber Optic Pressure Sensor Measurements by Fabricating an Enclosed Photonic Crystal Cavity
  • Mr. Brandon Pereyra (Cornell), Surface Scatterers on Slab-Wave Guides for Uniform Bacteria Growth
  • Mr. Peter Su (Georgia Tech), Dynamics of Bacterial Quorum Sensing in Microfluidic Devices

Session C10 Clough Commons Room 102

  • Mr. Eric Reichwein (UCSB), Electron Blocking Layer in Gallium Nitride Devices
  • Mr. Bradlee Beauchamp (Colorado), Fabricating Dual-Sided Micro Lenses and High Frequency Talbot Diffraction Gratings Using Binary Masks
  • Ms. Priyanka Gaur (UT Austin), Voltage-tunable Plasmonic Metamaterials Based on Stark Tunable Intersubband Polaritons
  • Mr. Christopher Green (ASU), Silicon Nanowires for Optical Light Trapping in Solar Cells
  • Mr. Joshua Michalenko (PSU), High Strain Low Voltage Induced Densified Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotube Ionic Actuators
  • Mr. Arthur Bowman, III (Michigan), Infrared Filtering via Sub-Wavelength Gratings for Hyperspectral Imaging

Session C11 Clough Commons Room 152

  • Mr. John Binion (UT Austin), Inkjet Printed Interconnects for Multilayer Flexible Electronics
  • Mr. Daichi Oka (UT Austin), Carbon Coated Tin-Seeded Silicon Nanowires for Lithium-Ion Battery Anodes
  • Mr. Christopher Florencio-Aleman (Georgia Tech), Nanocharacterization of Wood Fibers in Cement
  • Mr. Harrison Goldwyn (UW), Understanding Magnetic Plasmon Mode Mixing using Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy
  • Mr. Rafael Haro (Cornell), Determination of Strength Degradation Mechanisms of Native Oxide on Silicon Nanostructures of Native Oxide on Silicon Nanostructures

Session C12 Clough Commons Room 102

  • Ms. Hannah Bailey (WUSTL), Crumpled Graphene for Applications in Energy and the Environment
  • Mr. Caleb Christianson (Cornell), An Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Ultrasound Transmission in Bubbly PDMS Phononic Crystals
  • Mr. Yuki Sunayamas (Colorado), Graphene-Based Electro-Optic Modulators
  • Ms. Katelyn Conrad (Colorado), Ion Transport Through Porous Graphene
  • Mr. Michael Sunyak (Colorado), Graphene-Based Electro-Optic Modulator Fabrication

Session C13 Clough Commons Room 152

  • Ms. Allison Wustrow (PSU), Directed Self Assembly of Mixed Nanowire Populations via Lithographic Microwells
  • Mr. Kevin Tkacz (UCSB), Nanostructuring Diamond for Quantum Sensing
  • Mr. John Ferrier, Jr. (Harvard), Engineering Three-Dimensional Biological Scaffolds Using a Modified Rotary Jet Spinning System
  • Ms. Azusa Miyagawa (Michigan), Direct Nano Patterning of Anisotropic Conjugated Polymer
  • Mr. Connor McMahan (Colorado), Electro-Mechanical Characterization of Stretchable and Flexible Nanowires
  • Mr. Yuki Hamasaki (UW), Poly(3-alkyldithienothiophene): Synthesis, Structure and Optical Properties

Session C14 Clough Commons Room 102

  • Mr. Tyler Burkett (Georgia Tech), Silver Nanoplates: Structural Stability and Optical Properties
  • Mr. Benjamin Helfrecht (ASU), Zinc Oxide Based Solar Cells for Self-Powered Smart Window Application
  • Ms. Alice Perrin (Cornell), Spin Manipulation of Antiferromagnetic Devices
  • Mr. Andrew Stephan (Minnesota), Infrared Photodetectors With 2D Materials
  • Ms. Katherine Warthen (Michigan), The Impact of MEMS-Produced Micro-Electrode Material Coating on Dental Plaque Biofilm Growth
  • Ms. Christine Truong (PSU), The Study of Disposable Substrates in Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Devices

Session C15 Clough Commons Room 152

  • Ms. Connie Wu (Cornell), Full Body Silicon Medical Tweezers for Cancerous Tissue Detection and Characterization
  • Ms. Ashlyn Young (Minnesota), Exploring the Effects of Theophylline on Neutrophil Function in Inflammatory Diseases
  • Ms. Hannah Zeitler (UW), Azobenzene Modified DNA for Light-Induced DNA Stringency
  • Ms. Jeanne Xu (WUSTL), Synthesis of Metal Supported Catalysts for the Hydrogenolysis of Lignin

Session C16 Clough Commons Room 152

  • Ms. Hannah Oros (UT Austin), Gender and Nanoscientists: The Public Communication of Nanotechnology
  • Mr. Charles Yates (Georgia Tech), Big Ideas on Small Matters: A Multi-Method Approach to Understanding Knowledge Transfer Practices in the NNIN
  • Mr. Fumiya Kurokawa (PSU), Thermodynamic Control of Lead Content in the Piezoelectric Thin Film
  • Ms. Jill Wenderott (UCSB), Fabrication and Characterization of InGaAs Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Capacitors (MOSCaps) with HfO2 Dielectrics
  • Mr. Frank Luciano (UCSB), Mobility of the Two-Dimensional-Electron-Gas in Lattice-Matched InAlN/GaN Grown by Ammonia Molecular Beam Epitaxy
  • Mr. Shay Wallace (Harvard), Improvement of Tin Sulfide Solar Cell Efficiency

Session C17 Clough Commons Room 152

  • Mr. Peter Kim (UW), Cellular Migration on Curved Substrata
  • Ms. Lisa Kriegh (ASU), Microfluidics for the Study of Breast Cancer
  • Mr. Ming-Lun Wu (Minnesota), Micro-Fabrication of Chemical Field-Effect Transistor
  • Ms. Alexandra Benson (UW), Characterization of Polymer Films on Silicon Photonics Devices for Blood Analysis
  • Ms. Dara Bobb-Semple (Stanford), Developing Nanoscale Electrodes for Sensitive Detection of Brain Cell Activities
  • Ms. Stephanie Cone (Stanford), Investigation of Microfluidic Integration in Magneto-Nanosensor Based Protein Biomarker Detection

Session C18 Clough Commons Room 152

  • Mr. Moath Othman (Cornell), Electrokinetic Characterization of Nanoscale Metal Oxide Films
  • Ms. Audre Ramey (Michigan), Electrohydrodynamic Jet Printing on Hydrogel Substrates for Cell Culturing Applications
  • Mr. Joseph Rivas (Michigan), Deposition and Characterization of Magnetic Permalloy for Future Endomicroscope Actuators
  • Ms. Samantha Corber (WUSTL), Cisplatin-based Metal Organic Framework Nanoparticles for Target Drug Delivery and Tumor Imaging
  • Mr. Marco De Lira (Howard), Fabrication of Accelerometers using Paper MEMS Substrates