National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network

National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network

Serving Nanoscale Science, Engineering & Technology

Advisory Board

NNIN is served by a high level advisory board of senior scientists and executives including:

Dr. Samuel Bader
Assoc. Div. Director, Materials Science Division, 
Argonne Natl. Lab.
Dr. Carl Kukkonen
CEO, ViaSpace Technologies
Prof. George Langford
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Syracuse University
Dr. Jim McGroddy
Retired  Senior VP, Research,
Prof. Hans Mooij
Kavli Institute of Nanoscience,
Delft Univ. of Technology
Prof. Paul Peercy
Dean of Engineering,
U. Wisconsin
Dr. Kurt Petersen
Dr. Tom Theis
Director of Physical Sciences,
IBM Research
Prof. Vivian Weil
Illinois Institute of Technology

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