National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network

National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network

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Overall NNIN operations are managed out of the network office at Cornell University.

NNIN Management

Matters pertaining to the network as a whole or major site issues should be addressed to the Network Director or Program Manager.

Prof. Roger T. Howe, NNIN Director, Stanford University



Lynn Rathbun, Ph.D., NNIN Program Manager, Cornell University




NNIN Coordinators

Matters relating to network wide coordinated programs should be addressed to the appropriate NNIN Coordinator

Nancy Healy, Ph.D. Education Coordinator, Georgia Tech



Prof. Katherine McComas, SEI Coordinator, Cornell University



Michael Stopa, Ph.D., Computation Coordinator, Harvard University

Matters relating to normal operation of sites should first be directed to site management.

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