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National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network

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This page is obsolete. NNIN funding ended in September 2015.  NSF is creating a replacement network, NNCI, which will replace many of the NNIN functions and provide new sites, programs, and resources. NNCI does not yet have a web site.  The NSF announcement can be found here.

NNIN has distributed operations the 14 major research laboratories listed below. Individual sites should be contacted regarding laboratory access or laboratory operations. Each project is different and thus individual sites are in the best position to evaluate your potential project and its fit to their facilities.

Your inquiry regarding use of NNIN facilities should be answered within 48 hours.  NNIN staff should engage you in a conversation about your project in an attempt to evaluate the feasibility of and our approach to your project.  Other NNIN staff may be called to in refine the discussion. In most cases, if you project is well defined and you are ready, it should be possible to begin your project at NNIN within a few weeks.

Please contact the NNIN Deputy Director,, or the NNIN Director if you have questions or concerns about this procedure.

Cornell NanoScale Facility - Cornell University
Expertise: Broad scope in nanotechnology: Biology, chemistry, MEMS, characterization, materials, electronics, life sciences, computation
Daniel C. Ralph, Lester B. Knight Director (Site Director), 607-255-2329
User Program Contact: Mike Skvarla, 607-254-4674 /

Stanford Nanofabrication Facility - Stanford University
Expertise: Broad scope in nanotechnology: Biology, chemistry, MEMS, characterization, materials, electronics, life sciences computation
Roger T. Howe, William E. Ayer Professor of Engineering (Network/Site Director), 650-723-8030
User Program Contact: Mary Tang,  650-723-9980 /

Lurie Nanofabrication Facility - University of Michigan
Expertise: Biology, MEMS, system integration, computation
Khalil Najafi, Schlumberger Professor of Engineering, (Site Director), 734 763-6650
User Program Contact: Sandrine Martin, 734-763-6719 /

Nanofabrication Center - University of Minnesota
Expertise: Nanomaterials and characterization
Steve Campbell, Professor, Electrical Engineering (Site Director), 505-272-7092
User Program Contact: Greg Cibuzar, 612-624-8005 /

Center for Nanoscale Systems at Harvard - Harvard University
Expertise: Computation and chemical nanotechnology
Robert Westervelt,  Mallinckrodt Professor of Applied Physics and of Physics,  (Site Director)
User Program Contact: James Reynolds, 617-384-7411 /

Howard Nanoscale Science and Engineering Facility - Howard University
Expertise: High temperature semiconductor materials
Gary Harris, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering (Site Director), 202-806-6618
User Program Contact: James Griffin, 202-806-6618 /

Penn State Nanofabrication Facility - Pennsylvania State University
Expertise: Chemical nanotechnology
Theresa Mayer, Professor, Electrical Engineering (Site Director), 814-863-8458
User Program Contact: Susie Sherlock, Coordinator, 814-865-3225 /

Nanotechnology Research Center at Georgia Tech - Georgia Institute of Technology
Expertise: MEMS and microsensors
Oliver Brand, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering (Site Director), 404-894-5101
User Program Contact: David S. Gottfried, Ph.D., 404-894-0479 /

Microelectronics Research Center at U. Texas Austin - University of Texas at Austin
Expertise: Electronics, chemical nanotechnology, instrumentation for manufacturing
Sanjay Banerjee, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering (Site Director), 512-471-6730
User Program Contact: Marylene Palard, 512-563-9448 /

Center for Nanotechnology at Washington - University of Washington
Expertise: Biology and life sciences applications of nanotechnology
Karl F. Bohringer, Professor, Electrical Engineering (Site Director), 206-221-5177
User Program Contact: Alec B. Pakhomov, Ph.D., 206-616-2118 /

Nanotech at UCSB - University of California at Santa Barbara
Expertise: Optics and electronic materials
Mark Rodwell, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering (Site Director), 805-893-3244
User Program Contact: Brian Thibeault, 805-893-2268 /

Arizona State University - Arizona State University
Trevor Thornton, Professor, Electrical Engineering (Site Director), 480-965-3808
User Program Contact: Stephan Myhajlenko, 480-965-2697 /

Washington University in St. Louis - Washington University in St. Louis
Pratim Biswas, Professor, Environmental Engineering Science (Site Director), 314-935-5482 
User Program Contact: Nathan Reed, 314-935-7640 /

University of Colorado-Boulder - University of Colorado-Boulder
Bart Van Zeghbroeck, Professor, Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering (Site Director), 303-492-5324
User Program Contact: Jan Van Zeghbroeck, 303-492-5324 /