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CPMD- Carr Parrinello Molecular Dynamics Code at NNIN

CPMD - Carr-Parrinello Molecular Dynamics Code


The Carr-Parrinello Molecular Dynamics package (CPMD) provides users with a powerful way to perform molecular dynamic simulations from first principles.


Time dependent ab-initio calculations offer an unique window on nanoscale processes. The CPMD code has been used to examine systems including protein active sites, liquid-surface interactions, and surface catalysts. The ability to examine interactions on the nanoscale makes this approach ideal for studying systems where chemical and biological interactions are critical.

Getting Started:

Program Webpage:

CPMD Manual (Online Version) or (PDF)

CPMD Tutorial      (Developed by Carme Rovira, Roger Rosseau, and Alex Kohlmeyer)

    • Exercise 2: Car-Parrinello Molecular Dynamics
      (hydrogen molecule, ammonia molecule - gas phase, glycine molecule - gas phase)
    • Exercise 3: Bulk Systems
      Bulk silicon, hydronium ion in bulk water)


Nicola Marzari (MIT) discusses Car-Parrinello Molecular Dynamics for the Nanoscale World [Slides] [Video on CNF MediaSite] at the 2006 CNF Fall Simulation Workshop, Building Nanostuctures Bit by Bit.

Running CPMD on the Nanolab Cluster

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(a more comprehensive list can be found here)

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