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iWSG II Dec 2009

NNIN International Winter School for Graduate Students (iWSG)

December 2009, IIT Mumbai

Nanoelectronics (with emphasis on Silicon)

The international Winter Schools for Graduate Students (iWSG) are organized jointly by NNIN and institutions in third world countries with the goal of promoting international bridge building and understanding by bringing together students and faculty in an intense teaching and societal experience. Each year, 10 graduate students and faculty participate in a rigorous course in an emerging and research-intensive interdisciplinary direction that is not part of US graduate curriculums. This lasts six days and includes laboratory sections. This is followed by travel to a rural part of the country where students spend time observing, experiencing and discussing the societal challenges and the part science and technology can play. A large group of students from the host country participate in the teaching part and a smaller group joins in the rural experience.

The second edition of iWSG took place at IIT Mumbai (Bombay) starting on Nov. 30 with the societal experience in Khargone district of Madhya Pradesh in central India. The subject of the teaching was "Nanoelectronics (with an emphasis on Silicon)". The rural experience focused on early education and rural needs.


2009 Student Participants

  • Brandon Aguirre, U. Texas, El Paso
  • Ken Everaerts, Northwestern
  • John Ferguson. U. Minnesota
  • Andrea Giordoni, Penn State
  • Johnathan Hennek, U. Minnesota
  • Scott Lee, Stanford
  • Ryan Shea, U. Minnesota
  • Angela Shum, U. Washington
  • Jeff Sididqui, U. Michigan
  • Abbie Tippie, U. Rochester

NNIN iWSG 2009 U.S. Faculty

Sandip Tiwari,
Cornell University
Jason Woo,

Jean Pierre Leburton,
U. Illinois

Paul Hasler,
Georgia Tech

David Frank,

Ira Bennett,


Scaled MOSFET Physics  (7 MB pdf)
Prof. Jason Woo, UCLA

Non-Volatile and Volatile Memories  (1 MB pdf)
Prof. Paul Hasler, Georgia Tech

Physics and Transport Modeling in Nanoscale MOS Devices  (2 MB pdf)
Prof. Jean-Pierre Leburton, U. Illinois

Technology  (5 MB pdf)
Prof. Sandip Tiwari, Cornell University

Gate Carrier Injection and NC-Non-Volatile Memory  (1.5MB pdf)
Prof. Jean-Pierre Leburton, University of Illinois

Variability in Nanoscale CMOS Technology  (5 MB pdf)
Dr. David Frank, IBM

Interconnects and Reliability  (4 MB pdf)
Prof. Sandip Tiwari, Cornell University

Circuits and Digital and Analog Techniques (2.5 MB pdf)
Prof. Paul Hasler, Georgia Tech

Novel MOS-Like Transistor Structures  (7 MB pdf)
Prof. Jason Woo, UCLA

Technology Optimization and Performance Projections  (2 MB pdf)
Dr. David Frank, IBM