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iWSG III January 2011

NNIN International Winter School for Graduate Students (iWSG)

January 2011, IISc Bangalore

An advanced international school on the subject of the Science and Technology on Nanofabrication.

The international Winter Schools for Graduate Students (iWSG) are organized jointly by NNIN and institutions in third world countries with the goal of promoting international bridge building and understanding by bringing together students and faculty in an intense teaching and societal experience. Each year, 10-12 graduate students and faculty participate in a rigorous course in an emerging and  research-intensive interdisciplinary direction that is not part of US graduate curriculums. This lasts six days and includes laboratory sections. This is followed by travel to a rural part of the country where students spend time observing, experiencing and discussing the societal challenges and the part science and technology can play. A large group of students from the host country participate in the teaching part and a smaller group joins in the rural experience.

The third edition of iWSG took place at IISc Bangalore starting on Jan. 3, 2011 teaching began on the subject of Science and Technology of Nanofabrication. For the 2nd week, the societal experience took place in the region  surrounding the village of Dharmasthala in the  Belthangadi taluk of the Dakshina Kannada district in the state of Karnataka (southwest coastal India). The rural experience focused on early education and rural development needs and in particular on programs of the Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala Rural Development Project (SKDRDP) (

The selection strongly encourages participation from across the fields, independent of the subject of the course and particularly strives to assemble a group that resonates, can benefit from the experience, and are have the potential to be future leaders of science and technology.

2010 Student Participants

  • Julie Bert, Stanford University
  • Kathryn Brettman, MIT
  • David Carlton, UC Berkeley
  • Matthew Gibson, University of Michigan
  • Joseph Grogan, University of Pennsylvania
  • Michael Junkin, University of Arizona
  • Ashok Kumar, Harvard University
  • Vincent Lee, Columbia
  • Jonilyn Longenecker, Cornell University
  • Sarah Lukes, Montana State University
  • Katherine Phillips, Harvard University
  • James Pikul, University of Illinois
  • Thomas Woodson, Georgia Institute of Technology

NNIN iWSG 2010 U.S. Faculty

Sandip Tiwari,
Cornell University

Karl F. Bohringer,
University of Washington

Stephen Campbell,
University of Minnesota

Bojan (Rob) Ilic,
Cornell University

Bart Vanzeghbroeck,
University of Colorado, Boulder

Centre of Excellence in Nanoelectronics (CEN): Background & Vision
Prof. Rudra Pratap, Centre for Nano Science & Engineering (CeNSE)

U.S. Organization of Science: Overview
Dr. Lawrence S. Goldberg, National Science Foundation

Overview of INUP (Indian Nanoelectronics Users Program)
Prof. V. Venkataraman, Department of Physics, IISc

iWSG3: Science & Technology of Nanofabrication
Prof. Sandip Tiwari, Cornell University

Oxidation & Thin Film Deposition
Prof. Stephen A. Campbell, University of Minnesota

Optical Lithography
Rob Ilic, Cornell Univeristy

Thin Films & Nanomaterials from Chemical Precursors
S.A. Shivashankar, Centre for Nano Science & Engineering and Materials Research Centre, IIsc, Banglore

Nanofabrication Technologies
Karl F Bohringer, University of Washington, Seattle

National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network: A Short Introduction
Prof. Sandip Tiwari, NNIN Director

Stressed in Thin Films & Nano-structures
Srinivasan Raghavan, MRC, IISc, Bangalore

Characterization - Part I
Prof. Bart Van Zeghbroeck, University of Colorado at Boulder

Optical Interferometry for Biosensing
Manoj Varma, Indian Institute of Science

Glancing Angle Deposition (GLAD): Nano Structured & Applications
Ambarish Ghosh, India Institute of Science, Bangalore

CMOS Devices Process Integration
Prof. Navakanta Bhat, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Science and Technology of Nanofabrication - Materials Modification: Implantation, Annealing & Diffusion
Profs. Sandip Tiwari, Cornell University & Stephen Campbell, University of Minnesota

Characterization - Part II
Prof. Bart Van Zeghbroeck, University of Colorado at Boulder

Optoelectronic Applications of Fabrication Technology
Prof. Stephen Campbell, University of Minnesota

MEMS Devices: Process Integration
K.N. Bhat, Indian Institute of Science

Solar Phtotvoltaics for Rural Electification
SELCO India & SELCO Labs

Technology Society & Ethics
Navakanta Bhat, Indian Institute of Science

Water Waste-water nexus
Indian Institute of Technology

Society & Technology
Prof. Sandip Tiwari, Cornell University