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High School

Size and Scale - Learning about measurement

Subject: General Science

Audience: Middle School, High School

Students will visualize the order of numerical properties of objects from the nanoscale to visible scale using exponents and decimals. Students will make size comparisons of objects. Students will develop an understanding of how small a nanometer is in comparison to common objects. They will also learn about the metric system.

Making a Liquid Crystal Thermometer

Subject: Chemistry, Physical science

Audience: High School

This lesson is designed to introduce liquid crystals, a fourth state of matter.Students will understand liquid crystals in relation to different phases of matter and learn the process of temperature based color change of the LQs

Is measuring an art or a science?

Subject: General Science, Physical science

Audience: High School, Adult

The purpose of this lesson is to help students understand the concepts of accuracy and precision and how they are important in measurements at the nano-scale.

Powers of Ten with the Blue Morpho Butterfly

Subject: Biology, General Science, Physical science

Audience: Middle School, High School

This activity is designed to help students understand the concept of scale and magnification when examining a Blue Morpho butterfly wing. The activity requires the use of a scanning electron microscope (SEM) but images are provided if there is no access to an SEM.

Lines on Paper

Subject: Physics

Audience: High School

These labs are designed to help students understand diffraction, how a grating diffracts light, and how this method can be used to determine nanoscale structure.

Nanotechnology Invention and Design: Phase Changes, Energy, and Crystals

Subject: Chemistry

Audience: High School

This lab is designed to help students understand the nanoscale effect of various energy inputs on the crystal lattice of a smart material, Nitinol

Synthesis and Characterization of CdSe Qunatum Dots

Subject: Chemistry, Physics

Audience: High School, Adult

In this lesson students will synthesize and characterize CdSe quantum dots

Biology Reference Sheets

Subject: Biology

Audience: High School

Reference Sheet with basic biology information and information about nanotechnology. Suitable for printing.

Chemistry Reference Sheets

Subject: Chemistry

Audience: High School

Reference sheets of formulas and periodic table and information related to Nanotechnology. Suitable for printing.

Help or Hype: The Ethics of Bio-nanotechnology

Subject: Biology, Science and Society

Audience: Middle School, High School, Adult

This lesson explores the ethical concerns related to bio-nanotechnology. Bio-nanotechnology is the application of nanotechnology to living things. This ranges from the creation of pharmaceuticals to medical devices. While scientists have created many life-saving treatments ethical concerns, such as privacy, can arise from such technological advances.


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