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NanoFans Forum at Georgia Tech

Event Focus: Nano-Immuno Engineering

  • "Nanotechnology for exploiting and manipulatingbiotransport function in immune response"—Dr. Susan Thomas, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at GaTech.
  • “Designing Instructive and Responsive Biomaterials for Cancer Immunotherapy: FromNano to the Macro-scale”, Dr. Krishnendu Roy, Professor of Biomedical Engineering at GaTech—Emory University.
  • “In vivo imaging of infectious agents and their targets using nanoscale probes” —Dr. Phil Santangelo, Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the GaTech—Emory University.
  • “Engineering Virus-Like Particles for Anti-Glycan Immunization” —Dr. M. G. Finn, Professor of Chemistry & Bio-Chemistry and Biology at GaTech.


11am-2:30 pm

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Fri, 10/18/2013 (All day)
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Georgia Tech, Atlanta