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Nanooze in Spanish

Nanooze is NNIN's science magazine for kids.  It consists of an online version at which is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. For several years NNIN has offered a print version of Nanooze in English which is distributed to classrooms across the country. Now, with the translation skills of some enthusiastic students in Puerto Rico organized by Yajaira Sierra-Sastre, a former Cornell Graduate Student and  CNF user and wife of CNF Staff Member Daron Westly, we are able to offer print ready translations of Nanooze, with full graphics,  in Spanish.  At this time,  Issue 6 on Self Assembly and Issue 9 on Space are  available, but we intend to make more available as they are translated.


Issue 6: Self Assembly in Spanish


Issue 7-not available yet

Issue 8: Nanomedicine in  Spanish

Issue 9: Space in Spanish

Issue 10: Atoms in Spanish

Issue 11: Molecules in Spanish

Please let us know if you find these resources helpful.

And special thanks to  Yajaira Sierra  and a group of  students in Puerto Rico for translating Nanooze.