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Tiny tool measures heat at the nanoscale

Cornell researchers have developed a new way to precisely measure the extremely subtle movement of heat in nanostructures Read more

Georgia Tech Staff Member wins EIPBN 2013 Bizarre/Beautiful Micrograph Contest

Georgia Tech staff member, Devin Brown, has won the Grand Prize in the EIPBN 2013 micrograph contest Read more

Micro transistor prototypes made at Cornell map the mind

To make better mind maps, a group of French scientists – building on prototypes developed at the Cornell NanoScale Science and Technology Facility Read more

Novel Microscale Mechanical Switch of Light on a Silicon Chip

A team at the University of Minnesota led by Mo Li invented a novel microscale mechanical switch of light on a silicon chip. Read more

Arizona State University engineers aim to improve performance of technology in extreme environments

Arizona State University scientists are leading research to develop Hostile Environment Technologies, supported by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency Read more

Georgia Tech Power Cell Among Top 10 Physical Science Breakthroughs in 2012

Researchers at Georgia Tech have developed a Power Cell that converts mechanical energy directly into chemical energy. Read more

Scientists at UCSB Develop Nanotech Device to Detect Explosives

The canine olfactory system inspired researchers at UCSB to design a detector that uses nanotechnology to detect minute amounts of vapor molecules. Read more

Responsible Research in Action Laboratory Posters

Colorful laboratory posters covering topics in Responsible Research, particularly as related to nanotechnology, are now available from NNIN. Read more