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Atomic scale modeling of nanoelectronic devices with Atomistix ToolKit



Abstract: In this webinar we will discuss advanced atomic-scale modeling of nanoelectronic devices in a wide range of areas, from ultrascaled CMOS to molecular electronics, graphene, nanowires and nanotubes. After a brief introduction to some basics about the electronic structure and transport models that can be used in such simulations, we will illustrate the key concepts with several examples. We will  also demonstrate how we at QuantumWise have implemented these methods in a software package (Atomistix ToolKit), which contains a graphical user interface and a Python scripting engine to make it both  easy to use and yet powerful for experienced users. The package is also capable of interfacing other codes like VASP, ABINIT, CASTEP, etc., and can act as a graphical front-end to these packages, lowering  the barrier for beginners and making power users more productive.

Bio: Anders Blom received his PhD in theoretical physics from Lund University, Sweden, in 2003, for work on resonant states in delta-doped  III-V heterostructure quantum wells. During his university time, he worked on various simulation approaches in advanced semiconductor structures and also taught undergraduate courses in quantum mechanics and  solid state physics. In 2004, he joined Atomistix, and worked there as a sales engineer. He was then part of the core group that founded QuantumWise in December 2008 to take over the activities from Atomistix,  most notably the development of the electronic structure and transport simulation software Atomistix ToolKit. Today, Anders heads the sales, marketing and support department in QuantumWise, and is a  specialist in applying atomic-scale modeling to advanced semiconductor devices.

University of Michigan