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Solving for Micro/Macro scale Electrostatic configurations using Robin Hood Solver

Solving for Micro/Macro-scale Electrostatic Configurations Using Robin Hood Solver

Toni Drabik, Sales Director at Artes Calculi Ltd.
Hrvoje Abraham, CEO, Artes Calculi Ltd.

Abstract – In this webinar you will learn how you can use Robin Hood Solver to create and solve
electrostatic models – from simple to the more complex ones. We will demonstrate how Robin
Hood Solver can be used to quickly and easily set-up and solve electrostatic problems with various
boundary conditions, precise calculation and attractive visualization of electric field and potential,
estimation of Faraday cage shielding capabilities, capacitance and capacitance matrix of arbitrary
electrode configuration which is of special importance in capacitive sensor development. We
will also show how the results of the calculation can be post-processed and visualized in order
to quickly grasp the meaning of the obtained numbers. Advanced features such as Lua scripting,
export/import of data to/from other tools will be also discussed and we will show Robin Hood Solver
advanced task-based concept which enables the user to easily go back to any previously performed
operation and change it, thus also changing all subsequent operations. At the end, we will briefly
touch on more complex examples and applications of use and we will dedicate time for questions
and answers.

Speaker BiosToni Drabik has studied on Faculty of electrical engineering and computing in Zagreb, before embarking on a
successful career in trade press, writing and testing equipment for the leading publisher of computer magazines in Croatia. He was
head of company testing laboratory for several years, and he continued his career in marketing. Today he is marketing and sales
director at Artes Calculi Ltd., a software vendor developing CAE solutions like Robin Hood Solver.

Hrvoje Abraham holds a Masters degree in Physics from University of Zagreb’s Physics Faculty. After obtaining a degree, he worked
at Theoretical Physics Department of Rudjer Boskovic Institute in Zagreb. During that period he had been studying and performing
various numerical calculations of cosmic background radiation, black hole accretion disks and actively developing electrostatic
simulation engine, the work that started from scratch. The result was Robin Hood Solver – world’s most accurate electrostatic software,
which received several awards worldwide. He held asset-liability manager position at Raiffeisen Bank Austria in Zagreb for two years.
He is currently partner and CEO of start-up Artes Calculi which is dedicated to further development and commercialization of Robin
Hood Solver.

University of Michigan