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Beth Rhoades


Cornell University

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Biological Devices Engineer and Research Associate

I help users fabricate biology-based devices, and I am not afraid of thick SU-8. I have experience with soft lithography, microfluidic devices, laser micromachining, and inkjet deposition of PEDOT.  I maintain the following tools: Versalaser 3.50, SU-8 photolithography area, Fujifilm-Dimatix 2800 series inkjet printer, CorSolutions fluidic probe station, parylene coater, PDMS casting station, and a biology wet lab. I also co-teach a quarterly mini-course in Microfluidic device fabrication. I’m also a technical liaison for life sciences-related projects at the CNF. This fancy title means that I introduce engineers to clinicians, undergraduate students to professors, high school students to engineers, and external users to technical staff at other core facilities on the Cornell campus. My background is in microbiology and infectious disease. I conducted research on tuberculosis pathology and the immune response. My interests lie in the fabrication of fluidic devices that enable new ways to investigate cell biology.