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University of Texas at Austin

Microelectronics Research Center

Expertise: Electronics, Chemical Nanotechnology, Instrumentation for Manufacturing

The Microelectronics Research Center at The University of Texas at Austin (MRC) provides opportunities to perform research in novel materials of interest to the IC industry, optoelectronics and nanophotonics, novel electronic devices and nano-structures, and interconnects and packaging.

The UT-MRC laboratories are located at the JJ Pickle Research Campus, in northwest Austin. The UT-MRC laboratories reach users from many different fields: electronics, optics, physics, chemistry, astronomy, and chemical, mechanical, and petroleum engineering. Lab users include The University of Texas as well as non-UT academic and industrial users. The MRC is more than a clean room with open-access to advanced nano-fabrication equipment – it is a community of scientists who work together to share knowledge.

The facilities include 12,000 sq. ft. of Class 100 and Class 1000 clean-room space for Si, III-V and soft materials processing, which are available to the NNIN. The clean room also contains a JEOL-6000FS/E-based electron beam lithography system capable of 20nm resolution on masks, small substrates and 8" wafers. This e-beam system will be used to generate templates for the Step and Flash Imprint Lithography tool. The S-FIL is a nano-imprint scheme for patterning of features in sub-20nm regime with ability to perform layer-to-layer alignment through a transparent template to sub-tenth micron accuracy.  Other micro/nano-fabrication facilities include sputter, e-beam and plasma deposition for Al, silicides and dielectrics, reactive-ion etching, rapid thermal processing and oxidation/diffusion furnaces for Si, Si-Ge and High-k dielectrics, LPCVD for poly-silicon, oxides, nitrides and numerous wet chemistry stations. The characterization laboratories contain the apparatus for comprehensive optical and electrical measurements.

Additionally, a PC-based system using National Instrument LABVIEW to control and monitor the usage of all the tools in the clean room. Each MRC user has lab-access for equipment for which he has been qualified to use. A professional and experienced cadre of facilities and equipment technicians and engineers who maintain the tools and provide training to new users are able to support your project and handle your project entirely in close collaboration with you.

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Marylene Pallard