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How to Start a Project


This page is obsolete. NNIN funding ended in September 2015.  NSF is creating a replacement network, NNCI, which will replace many of the NNIN functions and provide new sites, programs, and resources. NNCI does not yet have a web site.  The NSF announcement can be found here.


How to Start an NNIN Project

NNIN sites are set up with streamlined methods for user access. We have provided a number of resources on this to site to assist in your project planning. While there are many paths to a successful project, overall the process is described below.

  1. Review NNIN web site for process and capability information. Please use the Technical Resources for a technology and equipment based description of NNIN capabilities and to other sections of the web site to learn about our capabilities.
  2. Contact one or more NNIN sites to discuss your application. The Site contact will be particularly interested in assessing the technical feasibility of the project and the scope of your desired work and interaction.
  3. After these discussions, the site technical contact will be able to either 1) commit to doing the project at that site, 2) refer you to a site more appropriate, or 3) explain why the project is not feasible with the available resources.
  4. If you are unsuccessful in your initial site discussions, please contact NNIN management for guidance.
  5. Prepare a brief written project description and submit to chosen NNIN site. This will not be externally reviewed but is primarily for documentation of agreed scope.
  6. You will need to prepare a purchase order to cover charges and sign a brief user agreement. Interaction is done, however, without a formal contract between you and the selected university.

Upon approval, your project will be scheduled at a mutually agreeable time, generally within 1 month. The selected site will arrange for appropriate training and project supervision.