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Arizona State University

ASU NanoFab

Expertise: Semiconductor Processing, MEMS and BioMEMS.

The ASU NanoFab is a multi-user, multi-disciplinary facility open to internal and external users. The NanoFab is operated by the Center for Solid State Electronics Research (CSSER) within the Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering.  CSSER was established in 1981 and has historically supported research on a wide variety of materials, structures, and processes.  The recent scope of research includes: nanostructures, nanoionics, nano-photonics, BioMEMS, and molecular electronics.

The ASU NanoFab offers a wide variety of state-of-the-art device processing and characterization tools to individuals, companies and government labs who need occasional or recurring access to such capabilities. The facility has more than 10 years experience in supporting external users, providing equipment and services for a full range of operations—from the wet world of bio-systems and chemistry to the dry world of inorganic materials, as well as hybrid structures in between.

The core cleanroom facility (4,000 sq. ft. class-100) primarily handles 4-inch wafers (with significant 6-inch capability). Key pieces of equipment include; Oxford Instruments Plasmalab 80+ RIE, STS ICP (silicon and III-V) and XeF2 for etch, Lesker PVD75 magnetron sputter coater (including ZnO capability) for deposition, Tystar Mini-Tytan 4600 for silicon thermal processing (including thick oxide and low stress nitride), Tousimis super-critical CO2 Dryer, and EVG 620 Double Side Aligner (including nano-imprinting) and EVG520 hot embossing and wafer bonding.  The cleanroom fabrication facility is supported by an additional 5,000 sq. ft. of multi-user laboratory space that includes; field emission scanning electron microscopy (Hitachi S-4700), electron beam lithography (JEOL 6000F/S), wet chemistry, electroplating, and electrical and bio-device characterization, including cell culturing.  All the laboratories are managed as a flexible foundry and we are accustomed to working with a wide range of different materials and processes.  The day-to-day functionality and activities of the ASU Nanofab are coordinated by a full-time technical staff of eight that include research scientists, as well as equipment and process engineers.

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