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NNIN ALD Processes and NNIN ALD Workshop

Lynn Rathbun, NNIN
Posted Jan. 2013

Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) is an important new thin film deposition technology. ALD allows for deposition of ultra thin, high uniformity films over large topographical variations. The process relies upon self limiting chemical reactions to depost one molecular layer at a time. The heart of ALD is thus in the development of the exotic organic precursors that allow the growth  of  a particular films. Each of these deposition processes must be carefully controled and characterized.

NNIN facilities have well over a dozen different ALD tools, with over 100 established, demonstrated, or developing procesess.

NNIN Staff recently held an ALD workshop at Harvard, organized by Vince Genova, Cornell, and Mac Hathaway, Harvard,  to exchange process information and site capabilities. Talks from this workshop are available here, on the Harvard site.

Also, as a result of that interaction, a complete menu of the ALD process status at NNIN sites was developed. A list of available processes is available at the following links,   sorted by Site and sorted by Film.   Processes are characterized as   1) Established---well documented,  2) Demonstrated--achieved but not fully documented, and 3) Developing---under development.

If you have need for any of these processes, please contact the appropriate site directly

ALD Process menu

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