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Technical Liaisons

The NNIN Technical Liaisons are a subset of the NNIN with highly specialized skills or advanced academic training in particular areas. They are often published Ph.D. level scientists who can be a particularly useful resource as you develop your project or as you run into particular processing issues.  Please feel free to contact them.

Namesort descending Contact Expertise and Special Interests
Alpha, Chris
Cornell University
Process Engineer

Photolithography, electroplating, CMP, Molecular Vapor Deposition

Antoniou, Nicholas
Harvard University
Principal FIB Engineer

Focused Ion Beam Milling for direct-write pattern generation, TEM sample preparation, cryogenic FIB-SEM, general sample prep and Imaging.

Beach, Katharine
University of Michigan
MEMS Domain Expert

MEMS fabrication, Microfluidics, Process Integration, Design

Bleier, Alan
Cornell University
Research Associate
607 254-4931

Electron Beam Lithography; Optics; Process development for CNF users by Cornell grad student CNF Fellows; SEM; Energy Research Support.

Bojko, Rick
University of Washington
Sr. Research Engineer

Electron Beam Lithography and SEM

Bordonaro, Garry
Cornell University
Photolithography Engineer

Advanced Photolithography, including DUV

Borsa, Tomoko
University of Colorado at Boulder
Senior Scientist

Technical expertise in electron beam lithography,  microscopy, general processing, deposition techniques and dry etching.

Braswell, Scott
University of Washington
Research Engineer

Transmission electron microscopy

Brown, Devin
Georgia Institute of Technology
Senior Research Engineer

electron beam lithography and nanofabrication processes

Cibuzar, Greg
University of Minnesota
Lab Manager

MEMS process development

Cord, Brian M.
University of Minnesota
Research Associate

Electron beam lithography and electron microscopy

Craigg, Helene
University of Michigan
Geosciences Domain Expert

Geosciences, Environmental Sciences

Deal, Michael
Stanford University
Sr. Research Scientist and SNF Director of Education

Education Director for SNF.  Also Senior Research Scientist specializing in advanced nanoelectronics materials science.

Drawl, William
Pennsylvania State University
Deposition Technical Lead
814 863 1326

Thin film deposition

Eichfeld, Chad
Pennsylvania State University
Nanolithography Research and Development Engineer

advanced nanolithography instruments and processes

Gehoski, Kathleen
Pennsylvania State University
Lithography Technical Lead
814 865 7443


Genova, Vince
Cornell University
Process Engineer
(607) 254-4907

Reactive Ion Etching; MEMS; III-V device processing and advanced CMOS device processing; design of experiments

Gottfried, David
Georgia Institute of Technology
Senior Research Scientist

Surface functionalization and characterization; biomolecule and polymer deposition using ink-jet printing and other technologies; nanoparticle characterization; chemical and biological sensor development;

Hathaway, Mac
Harvard University
Senior Process Engineer

ALD, CVD, Safety, Wetbench and Chemical Safety, Toxic Gas Monitoring, Equipment Access Systems

Henderson, Walter
Georgia Institute of Technology
Research Scientist

Surface-science characterization techniques including XPS, Auger, SIMS/ToF-SIMS

Herrera-Fierro, Pilar C
University of Michigan
Surface Science Domain Expert

Surface Analysis, CMP, Electrochemistry, Metrology, AFM, SEM, Analytical Chemistry, Soft Lithography, Dip Pen Nanolithography

Hixson, Leonard
University of Washington
Research Engineer

Facility support

Hower, Robert W
University of Michigan
Biomedical MEMS Expert

MEMS fabrication, Process Integration, Biomedical Sensors

Ilic, Rob
Cornell University
Research Associate

Process integration, Electron Beam and Optical Lithography for aggressively scaled dimensions, microscopy (eletron, optical, scanned probe), nanoscale characterization, Micro and nanomechanical structures, Fluid structure interactions, non-linear dynamics, nanomagnetics

Infante, Phil
Cornell University
Safety Manager and Silicon Process Engineer

CVD processes; lab safety

Joseph, Paul
Georgia Institute of Technology
Senior Research Scientist

Nanobiotechnology, Bio-MEMS, and Biosensors' applications such as Diagnostics and Detection systems.

Kosar, Turgut Fettah
Harvard University
Technical Manager, NanoMaterials Facilities

soft lithography, microfluidics, bioMEMS, micro-/nanofabrication, X-ray MicroCT

Lavalle, Guy
Pennsylvania State University
Etch Technical Lead
814 865 9339

Wet and dry etching

Lawler, Kris
University of Washington
Research Engineer


Lingley, Andrew
University of Washington
Research Engineer
Magyari-Kope, Blanka
Stanford University
Computational Scientist

Band structure and electronic transport effects of nanointerfaces between metallic, insulating, and semiconducting materials of novel and technologically relevant materials in metal gate/high-k MOS structures and nonvolatile memories.

Marti, James
University of Minnesota
Outreach Coordinator

Formation and characterization of nano- and micron-scale particles.

McClelland, Arthur
Harvard University
Microscopy Scientist

Advanced Microscopy

Mitchell, William J
University of California at Santa Barbara
Principal Development Engineer

Electron Beam Lithography/SEM/AFM/ALD

Mnaymneh, Khaled
University of Michigan
NNIN Outreach Coordinator

III-V Semiconductors, Photonics, Mesoscopic Systems, Dispersion Engineering, Epitaxy and Quantum Systems

Myers, Ed

Process Integration

Myhajlenko, Stephan
Arizona State University
Associate Director, CSSER
Pakhomov, Alec
University of Washington
Lab Manager, NTUF

Expertise: Nanotechnology; materials characterization including XRD, Raman, ellipsometry, AFM; magnetic and electronic nanomaterials; spin electronics.

Palard, Maylene
University of Texas at Austin
Research Associate

Nanoimprint expert: mold making by E-beam lithography,  imprinting, dry plasma transfer etch

Ray, Vishva P
University of Michigan
E-Beam Domain Expert
(734) 478-1747

E-beam Lithography, Nanofabrication, Biomedical sensors

Reynolds, Tom
University of California at Santa Barbara
Principal Development Engineer

lab management UCSB

Rhoades, Beth
Cornell University
Biological Devices Engineer and Research Associate

Microfluidics, Biosensors, Biological Applications of Nanotechnology

Schilling, Paul
University of Washington
Research Engineer

chemical vapor deposition section, diffusion, and back end of line (BEOL)

Shiari, Behrouz
University of Michigan
Computational Scientist

Modeling and simulation of micro/nanosytems (MEMS/NEMS, Micro/Nanofluidic Devices), Multiscale Modeling, Coupled Finite Element Analysis, Atomistic Simulations

Stewart, Derek
Cornell University
Computational Scientist
(607) 255-2856

Predictive first principles approaches to model nanostructures and materials, electronic and thermal transport, and phonon and magnetic properties of materials.

Stopa, Michael
Harvard University
NNIN Computation Coordinator; Computational Scientist

Mike is a computational physicist and material scientist specializing in transport in semiconductor heterostructures and the self-consistent electronic structure of quantum dots and nanowires. He is the Network Coordinator for Computation for NNIN.

Thibeault, Brian
University of California at Santa Barbara
Project Scientist

Advanced Processing; UCSB User Contact

Thomas, Mikkel
Georgia Institute of Technology
Research Engineer


Tresback, Jason S.
Harvard University
Senior Metrology Engineer


Tsakirgis, John
Harvard University
Senior Nanofabrication Engineer

CVD Processes