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2014 iREU Interns


Mr. Arthur Bowamn
Principal Investigator: Prof. Hiroyuki Sakaki (together with Dr. Takeshi Noda)
Project: Transport studies of semiconductor nanostructures and devices containing self-organized quantum dots and wires

Ms. Samantha Corber
Principal Investigator: Dr. Nobutaka Hanagata
Project: Regulation of immune system by DNA drug-nanoparticle complex

Ms. Tiffany Huang    
Principal Investigator: Dr. Yasuo Koide    
Project: Fabrication of integrated circuits for wide bandgap semiconductor by advanced nanofabrication

Ms. Meghan Kazanski    
Principal Investigator: Dr. Jun Nakanishi     
Project: Nanobiointerfaces for analyzing cellular functions

Mr. Gabriel Lopez Marcial    
Principal Investigator: Dr. Takao Aoyagi     
Project: Studies on smart materials aiming at biomedical application

Mr. Peter Su 
Principal Investigator: Dr. Guoping Chen    
Project: Polymeric Scaffolds with Nano- and Micro-Structures for Cell Function Manipulation

Ms. Jill Wenderott    
Principal Investigator: Dr. Daisuke Fujita   
Project: Advanced synthesis and nanocharacterization of novel low-dimensional nanostructures

Ms. Connie Wu    
Principal Investigator: Dr. Jinhua Ye     
Project: Novel Nano-Photocatalytic Materials for Solar Fuel

Ms. Allison Wustrow    
Principal Investigator: Dr. Takao Mori   
Project: Development of Viable Thermoelectric Materials through Atomic structure level and Grain-size level Control


Mr. Dakota Crisp   
Principal Investigator: Prof. George Malliaras    
Project: Conformable Conducting Polymer Electrodes used with an Ionic Liquid Gel for Electroencephalography

Ms. Ashlyn Young  
Principal Investigator: Prof. George Malliaras  
Project: Fabrication of Flexible, Implantable Probes for in vivo Recording of Neural Activity