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National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network

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NNIN SEI Orientation

NNIN accepts over 2000 new users each year. An introduction to Social and Ethical Issues in Nanotechnology is included as part of the orientation of all on-site NNIN users.  This is accomplished in different ways at different sites.

On-line Training Resources

The Risk Communications group at Cornell has developed a new video training module that can be used as part of new user training at NNIN Sites. Other nanotechnology laboratories or engineering courses are welcome to use it as well.


An older brief SEI introductory video developed several years ago is available here as an archival reference.

On Site Training

NNIN Sites orient new users on an as needed basis. At many sites, this occurs every week; at others, less often. While the primary purpose of New User Orientation is introduction to laboratory rules and procedures, each on site new user training includes an introduction to SEI. Depending on the site , this may include multimedia resouces such as those above, and is often coupled with a facilitated face to face discussion.  The primary purpose is to help users, particularly new graduate students, understand that there are social and ethical issues that can come up in their research and to give them a framework to consider such issues.

The SEI Orientation schedule for NNIN sites is provided below:

Site Details and Schedule Contact Info
Arizona State Univ.    
Cornell Univ. In person, Face to Face; Most Mondays as part of new user orientation Mike Skvarla,
Gina Eosco,
Georgia Tech    
Harvard Univ.    
Howard Univ.    
Penn State Univ.    
Stanford Univ.    
Univ.of Colorado    
Univ. of Michigan    
Univ. of Minnesota    
Univ. of Texas    
Univ. of Washington    
Washington Univ. at St. Louis