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Responsible Conduct of Research/Research Integrity

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) is an important part every scientist's activity and is covered as part of NNIN SEI orientation. There are few, if any, RCR issues that are unique to nanotechnology, however. Responsible Conduct includes such topics as data integrity, avoiding plagerism, proper recognition of co-authors and collaborators, and proper citation of the works of others.  Formal training on Responsible Conduct of Research is, in fact, a requirement for students paid on most new NSF and NIH awards. This training is usually handled by the University's Research Intengrity office.  NNIN SEI training is not meant to replace such mandated training.

Needless to say, all NNIN users are expected to conduct research in a responsible manner,consistent with the principles of Responsible Conduct of Research.

Most universities have their won RCR online information and training. Below are several federal off-site RCR resouces

Questions about Research Integrity should be directed to the Research Integrity office at each university.

The NNIN Responsible Research in Action posters provide a visually engaing medium  to help build an environment supportive of responsible research conduct. These posters are available from NNIN free of charge.