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Application Material for SEI REU Projects

Undergraduate SEI research is carried out within the structure of the NNIN REU program. This includes several projects each year.  We recieve relatively few applications from social science students interested in these projects so we encourage qualified applicants.

SEI related projects for summer 2013 are listed here.  Applications will be due in early February 2013. Please be sure to note in your application that you are interested in the SEI projects.

These positions are only open to undergraduates who are  US Citizens and Permanent Residents. Please see the application for complete eligibility information. Applications are ONLY accepted through the NNIN REU online application . Please do not directly contact the sponsoring faculty.

Note, the applictions is geared towards engineering students apply for engineering positions so some reinterpretation is appropriate for these projects.  If you are interested in the SEI projects, please indicate so. Also, in the appropriate places, please list courses and discuss your research experience and interests that you think are relevant to these projects.