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Nanotechnology Science Projects

Hey kids. Interested in nanotechnology? Want a nanotechnology science project?

There are lots of easy nanotechnology science projects. You can make yourself look even smarter than you are! They will say, "Wow! You must be really smart doing nanotechnology".

Anyway, kidding aside, this is the place to look for ideas. There are many lessons in out Nanotechnology Curriculum Materials that could be turned into science projects. Check them out.

For example

  • Make a Rube Goldberg machine using a shape memory alloy as an actuation element.
  • Make a model of a nanotube and a buckyball
  • Do some electroplating

There are many products that contain nanotechnology so you may not even have to buy anything special.

  • Check out the effectiveness of different kinds of sunscreen, including those containing nanoparticles
  • So nanosocks really keep your feet from smelling. How and why?
  • Do bandages impregnated with nanosilver really kill germs?
  • Are sports products with nanomaterials actually perform better?
  • Do pants with nanocoating actually shed water and stains better?
  • Use DVDs and CDs as diffraction gratings.

Hey! If you do a cool nanotechnology science project, send us a note and picture at If you give us permission, we will post it here.

Good luck!