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David Gottfried


Georgia Institute of Technology

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Senior Research Scientist

David's research interests are at the interface between nanoscale and microscale fabrication and measurement and the biomedical and life sciences.  His areas of expertise include: surface functionalization and characterization; biomolecule and polymer deposition using ink-jet printing and other technologies; nanoparticle characterization; chemical and biological sensor development; applications of quartz-crystal microbalance measurements.

David was recently elected as a Fellow of the American Chemical Society

David recently gave a lecture on Ink Jet Printing, available here or in the NNIN Video Gallery


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  • Emanuele Baravelli, Matteo Senesi, David S. Gottfried, L. De Marchi, Massimo Ruzzene, “Inkjet Fabrication of Spiral Frequency-Steerable Acoustic Transducers (FSATs)”, Health Monitoring of Structural and Biological Systems 2012, Proc. of SPIE Vol. 8348, 834817 (2012).
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