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University of Colorado

Colorado Nanofabrication Laboratory

University of Colorado at Boulder, CO

Expertise: General Microfabrication, Electronics, Optoelectronics, MEMS

The Colorado Nanofabrication Laboratory (CNL) at the University of Colorado is a user facility available 24/7 to academic and industrial researchers. We provide easy access to a wide range of equipment and are specifically set up for device and materials research that requires flexibility in terms of sample size and materials.

Research in the facility covers a broad range including basic nano-scale science, electronic, optoelectronic and micromachined devices, as well as MEMS for medical and metrology applications. Examples include silicon MOSFETs, GaAs MESFETs, III-V photodetectors and laser diodes, SIC BJTs, quantum dot arrays, microthrusters, and microactuators.

The facility is run by a staff of three professionals, who are responsible for maintaining the facility, assist users and develop processes. The 5,500 square feet facility contains a 1,000 square feet Class 100 cleanroom in addition to a broad range of processing and characterization tools. Capabilities include optical lithography, E-beam writing, several thin film deposition tools (evaporators, RF and DC sputter systems, PECVD), dry etchers (RIE), and a wide range of thermal processes. The CNL has in-house characterization ability (SEM, profilometers, ellipsometers, AFM/STM). On-wafer electrical testing is available as well as basic device packaging. The same building also houses the Nano Characterization Facility, which provides access to a field emission SEM and a Focused Ion Beam system.

For further information contact:

Jan Van Zeghbroeck
Facility Manager