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Responsible Research in Action Laboratory Posters

Providing resources to increase awareness of social and ethical issues related to nanotechnology is an important part of the NNIN training efforts. This is particularly critical given the large number of nanotechnology users that NNIN is responsible for. NNIN thus has a number of efforts to develop effective training and information media o SEI topics.

The following Responsible Research in Action laboratory pictures were developed as part of the Social and Ethical Issues in Nanotechnology program of the National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network (NNIN). Specifically, they were developed as a Research Experience for Undergraduates project, by Chloe Lake, University of Buffalo, working at Cornell University under the direction of Prof. Katherine McComas and Norman Porticella  Messages were developed from discussions with the users of the Cornell Nanoscale Facility during the summer of 2010, expanded by Ms. Lake, and refined through several focus groups of CNF users. 

These posters are intended to be a small part of a campaign to promote awareness within the nanotechnology technical community of the broader impacts of advanced nanotechnology research and everyone's responsibilities to the larger community.  Although refering specifically to nanotechnology, they are also suitable for use within the broader scientific research community.

Printed copies (11 x 17 poster stock or static cling vinyl) are available for end user laboratory use by contacting Program Manager, NNIN, Cornell University, 

Pride in Your Work

“ I’m taking nanotechnology in a direction I can be proud of.“

Discoveries in nanotechnology introduce both benefits and potential risks to society. What kind of impact will your discoveries have?



“ I consider every aspect of my research,
including what happens with it outside of the lab.”
The work of a few can impact the lives of thousands..Think about the impact you want your work to have.

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Keeping Society's Trust

Make nanotechnology more than a buzzword: Keep the world’s attention by keeping the world’s trust. Nanotechnology holds exciting opportunities, but also potential risks. Ensure that opportunities keep growin by addressing potential risks from the start.


Consider the Benefits and Risks

“The research I’m publishing on biosensors will help provide the world with clean, safe drinking water. When I choose projects, I consider both the benefits and risks they might introduce to the world.”

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Effects You Can Live With

"My lab is only a small part of the world, but
my discoveries can have far-reaching effects.”

Make sure those effects are ones you’d like to live with.


Posters are available free of charge, on either glossy poster stock or static cling vinyl (ideal for clean rooms).  Contact the NNIN Deputy Director at to request copies.



preview(RGB jpg)     11 x 17 pdf





Graphics by Jennifer Infante Design

All posters are copyright Cornell  University 2010. Downloading and printing for laboratory use permitted. All other rights reserved.

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