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Education Partners

NNIN is pleased to partner with and support many other national and regional activities in support of nanotechnology and STEM education.  This include many NSECs (Nanoscale Science and Engineering Ceners), MRSECs (Materials Research Science and Engineering Centers), ERCs (Engineering Research Senters), and other federally funded research centers. Resources from many of these organizations are linked on the Off-site Resources page.

In addition, NNIN supports and participates in programs with the following major national STEM organizations.

Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network
The NISE Net is a national community of researchers and informal science educators dedicated to fostering public awareness, engagement, and understanding of nanoscale science, engineering, and technology .  NNIN sites participate in NISE Net's premier annual event, Nanodays, as well as other events and programs.


USA Science and Engineering Festival  is a bi-annual celebration of science and engineering held in Washington DC. Hundreds of organizations and hundreds of thousands of students and adults participate.  NNIN is proud to be a long time supporter and participant in  the Festival.  NNIN participated most recently in the 2014 festival April 24-27. 2014 in DC.


NNIN has partnered with Hitachi for the development and distribution of activities for the use of Hitachi's table top scanning elecron microscope.  NNIN as several table top SEMs that are used in outreach activities. Hitachi often supports NNIN at regional and national teacher conferences where we promote activities involving these table top SEMs. More information on these instruments: .   Also, a cartoon book on the scanning electron microscope, .  Teachers can arrange for an SEM to be brought into their classroom.     NNIN also cooperated with Hitachi in the develpment of a case study on the use of SEMs in classrooms  and


McREL, Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning, partners with NNIN for the development, implementation, and evaluation of a set of nanotechnology lessons, a program called NanoTeach. This work is funded by a separate NSF award.  NNIN sites at Stanford and Georgia Tech contribute nanotechnology subject matter. Once the activities have been developed and tested, they will be available for download from this NNIN web site.