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International Winter School

International Winter School in Nanotechnology

A Global Science and Society Learning Experience


World projection by population; Mark Newman

The international Winter Schools for Graduate Students (iWSG) were organized jointly by NNIN and institutions in third world countries with the goal of (a) educating at graduate level in an essential or emerging direction tied to research in nanoscale science and engineering and (b) promoting international bridge building and understanding by bringing together students and faculty from two nations in an intense teaching and societal experience.

They consisted of a one week intense graduate level course in an advanced nanotechnology topic, taught by leading US professors to both the US students and students from the host country. This was followed by travel to a rural part of the country where the US participants and selected host participants  spent a week observing, experiencing, and discussing the societal challenges and technology in the third world to allow all to gain a broader understanding of place of science in society.

A total of 4 International Winter Schools were held as follows:

  • iWSG 1, IIT Kanpur, India, Organic Electronics and Optoelectronics
  • iWSG 2, IIT Mumbai, India, Nanoelectronics
  • iWSG 3, IISc Bangalore, Science and Technology of Nanofabrication
  • iWSG 4, Unicamp,¬† Cambinas, Brazil, Optoelectronics and Photonics

Procedings and resources related to these courses are under the links at the left.

This program is currently inactive. No further schools are planned at this time