National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network

National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network

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Education & Training

NNIN’s education programs address the explosive growth of nanotechnology and its growing need for a skilled workforce and informed public by offering education and training to individuals (school-aged students to adults). We provide resources, programs, and materials to enhance an individual’s knowledge of nanoscale science and engineering and its application to real-world issues. We believe that a strong US economy requires a STEM-literate workforce ready to meet the technological challenges of a nano-enabled economy as well as an informed citizenry that supports continued and safe growth of nanotechnologies.

NNIN has a two-pronged approach for education and training – programs of national scope and programs addressing local needs of individual sites. Together, NNIN's education activities comrise one of the largest nanotechnology education programs in the world, reaching 25,000 individuals, in person, through over 200 events each year as well as many more through our Nanooze magzine and on line offerings..

In addition to the outreach component of NNIN's Education Program, NNIN has a large effort in equipment and training that spans from the Research component of NNIN. Over 2000 users are trained in NNIN each year, through more than 10,000 individual or group training events. Some of the training is available by video as a refresher.


National Programs

Local Programs

NNIN's national programs take advantage of the size and breadth of the network to make a national impact. They are programs which benefit from the critical mass and the national visibility afforded by NNIN.

  • REU
  • iREU
  • LEF
  • RET
  • International Winter School
  • Nanooze
  • Equipment raining
  • National Outreach Activites

Some national outreach programs are conducted in cooperation with our partners at NiseNet and the USA Science and Enginerring Festiva.

 NNIN's local programs take advantage of local strenghts, interests, and resources offered.

Local peograms can act as a test bed for new activities. Alternatively, local programs can leverage resources of the local site and community to offer programs which would not be possible on a national scale.

  • Nanoexpress
  • Camps
  • Workshops
  • Tours
  • Local outreach activities