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Research Experience for Undergraduates

National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network
Research Experience for Undergraduates

2015 NNIN REU Program

The National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network Research Experience for Undergraduates (NNIN REU) Program is designed to give undergraduate students an introductory research experience in nanotechnology. This summer a total of approximately 70 students are hosted for a 10 week program, spread across the 14 NNIN facilities. Each student will work on an independent research project within their area of interest, using the advanced resources of our laboratories. Because of the breadth of expertise across these sites, we are able to offer exciting nanotechnology research projects across the spectrum of nanotechnology fields: Electrical Engineering, Materials Science, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Biology, and Biomedical Engineering. Students take advantage of the streamlined training process that the facilities employ for all its users to become proficient in advanced laboratory practices quickly. Projects are scaled to be challenging yet achievable within the 10 week time frame.

Students are assigned to a specific research project and make a meaningful research contribution to their research group. Each project involves hands-on nanotechnology research with state-of-the-art equipment. Each student works on an individual research project, with support from faculty, graduate student mentors, and facility staff. This program and its predecssor from NNUN  have been in operation since 1997, with over 1100 alumni. Through experience, we have developed mechanisms to assure that each student has a successful and educational research experience.

The program will  from early June until mid-August, although the exact dates vary by site (some accommodations can be made for late arrivals). The program culminates in the NNIN REU Convocation, a three-day technical symposium being held at Cornell University in Mid August. All participants will travel to the NNIN Convocation and present their research results to their peers. Finally, each student writes a two-page report which will be published as part of the 2015 National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network Research Experience for Undergraduates (NNIN REU) Research Accomplishments.

Results from prior years’ programs, including photographs, participant listings, published reports, and in some cases presentation videos are accessible under the menu at the left.

Summary of Our Program

  • An 18 year history of conducting large sucessful nanotechnology research programs for undergraduates.
  • Ten-week research program at one of 14 state-of-the-art nanotechnology facilities. Approximately 70 positions will be available.
  • Each student is assigned a stand-alone, substantive research project, appropriate for a ten-week period. Many of these projects result in publishable research.
  • Paid travel and housing
  • $5000 stipend
  • High level of technical support by experienced facility staff members, graduate student mentors, and faculty.
  • Interaction with a faculty member and daily interaction with a graduate student mentor.
  • End of program research convocation. In mid-August, ALL interns travel to a common site (Cornell University in Ithaca, NY) at our expense for a three-day Research Convocation, sharing their results and networking with their peers from other sites. It is a wonderful opportunity to experience the breadth of nanotechnology through the experiences of your fellow students.
  • Finally, each participant publishes a project report in the NNIN Research Accomplishments, a professional publication of the program's research results.